Senior Living

Aging in Place Embracing the Future: Redefining Home for Philadelphia’s Seniors Through Aging in Place As Philadelphia's seniors look towards the future, aging in place offers a promising path to independence and comfort. Join us as we delve into how home modifications, multi-generational living, and Kristie Bergey's specialized real estate services can help redefine the concept of home for seniors in the City of Brotherly Love.
Aging in Place Navigating Senior Living Options: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Home Delving into the world of senior living can be a journey filled with questions. From understanding the role of a senior real estate specialist to exploring the benefits of multi-generational homes and in-home care, this guide offers a comprehensive look at your options.
Aging in Place Navigating the Golden Years: How Senior Real Estate Specialists Can Simplify Downsizing and Aging in Place Navigating the real estate needs of the golden years can be complex. Learn how a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) can offer tailored advice for downsizing, aging in place, and ensuring a stress free experience.
Education Navigating the Impact of Capital Gains Tax in Retirement Navigating Capital Gains Tax for Retirement Stability Let’s explore how capital gains tax can affect retirement stability and offer insights into how they can navigate this financial landscape. The Impact of Capital Gains Tax on Retirement As seniors enter their golden years, many find solace in the fruits of their lifelong investments. For many, selling these […]
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